Student selected to US Military TKD Team

James Rohleder, a former student of the UTA school Ahn’s of Anderson, has been selected to be a member of the United States Military Taekwondo Team.  Mr. Rohleder is currently attached to the 82nd Airborne Division based in Georgia.

The US Military team will be competing at the CIMA Games in Rio De Janiero, Brazil scheduled for the last week of November 22018.  The CIMA Games are an international military event that is held annually.

Please join us in wishing James the best of luck in representing his country!

james 2

Student selected to US Military TKD Team

UTA Classic Weaponsm Program

The UTA Classic Weapons Program continues to grow! We would like to congratulate Mr. Ryan Moll and Master Norman Kim for their recent promotions.
Grandmaster Randolph Smith, Sr., the head of the UTA Classic Weapons program recently promoted Mr. Moll to 3rd Dan and Master Kim to 2nd Dan. Their performances were deemed outstanding, and their dedication and training really showed.
We offer sincere thanks to Grandmaster Smith for his continued guidance and instruction for the UTA Classic Weapons Program. He has been and will continue to be an integral part to the program’s success!


UTA Classic Weaponsm Program

The UTA Represented at TKD US Open Hanmadang

We recently had two UTA Black Belts participate in the Tae Kwon Do US Open Hanmadang in Denver, Colorado.  Congratulations to both Master Debbie Gutzwiller and Mr. Tom Myers for their outstanding performances!

Results are as follows:

Master Gutzwiller

1st place traditional forms

1st place creative forms

2nd place team traditional forms

1st place power spin back kick breaking

1st place power skipping side kick breaking.

Mr. Myers

2nd place traditional forms

2nd place team traditional forms

1st place power skipping side kick breaking


The UTA Represented at TKD US Open Hanmadang

UTA Rank Database

The United Taekwondo Association has a long and rich history, with an estimated 10,000 students since 1967.  What many members (and past members) are not aware of is that the UTA has a rank database that contains the names and dates of all students that have been awarded a Gup or Dan rank throughout the history of the association.

In less than sixty seconds time, a UTA member or past member can see all of their past promotion dates and certificate numbers. Past Gup and Dan certificates that may have been lost or damaged can also be replaced for a small fee. Are you interested in looking back into your martial arts journey?belts


UTA Rank Database

Spring 2016 Black Belt Test

The Spring 2016 Black Belt test was held on March 12th at Ahn Taekwondo Institute in Cincinnati, OH. This was the first of the two scheduled UTA Black Belt tests to be held in Cincinnati, OH in calendar year 2016. The second Black Belt test will be held in October of 2016 – also in Cincinnati, OH.

The March 2016 Black Belt test saw nine candidates test for rank and three credit test toward their next rank. The Test Board was:

 Grandmaster Kim Limes

 Grandmaster Roy Bushman

 Master Charles Moore

 Master Chuck Beyersdoerfer

 Master Jamie Hamilton

 Master Jeff Martin

 Master Rob Gerhardt

There was also a special guest, Master Mike Ruff, of Martin Martial Arts in attendance.The following candidates were promoted by the UTA:

 Mr. Payne Ackermann                     1st Poom

 Miss Alexandria Zimmer                1st Poom

 Mr. William Bradley                         1st Poom

 Mr. Saketh Balakumar                     1st Poom

 Miss Thamilini Pathmarajah         1st Dan

 Mr. Anthony Zimmer                       1st Dan

 Ms. Mary Feldman                            2nd Dan

 Miss Cassandra Parkos                    3rd Dan

 Mr. Sumitro Chakravarti                 3rd Dan

Also credit testing toward their next rank were Master Ryan Newburn, Mr. Jacob Feldman, and Mr. James Kopcha.

The United Taekwondo Associaiton congratulates all of the candidates for an excellent performance.

Spring 2016 Black Belt Test