UTA represented at the AAU National Championships

Last month, Team Ahn competed at the 2018 AAU National Championships in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Competing against approximately 2,000 of the nation’s best competitors from all over the United States and Puerto Rico, Master Ryan Newburn, Mr. Paul Walden, and Sean Herzig represented Ahn Taekwondo Institute with outstanding performances. Team Ahn was coached by Master Hamilton and Master Newburn.
Budokai Taekwondo also had a very successful team compete. Coaching 16 total athletes, Master Gerhardt, Master Gutzwiller, and Mrs. Gerhardt led many students to victories in both Olympic Sparring and Form competition.
We would like to offer congratulations to all competitors and coaches as well as thanks for representing our associaiton with dignity, sportsmanship, and dedication.  We know that each one of them have dedicated hours to their training, traveled around the Midwest for tournaments, and pushed themselves each day to reach their goals. We are proud to have them as a part of the United Taekwondo Associaiton!
UTA represented at the AAU National Championships

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